Actively participate in professional learning networks to enhance coaching practice and keep current with emerging technology and innovations in pedagogy and the learning sciences


Developing Professional Learning Networks

Professional learning networks are tools educators in a variety of roles can use to build skills and develop a community of support. In October 2021, I wrote about the importance of professional learning networks for technology coaches. Coaches who are within the same geographical area can meet face to face or online, while coaches who share other commonalities but may not be in the same area can meet online. There are advantages to both types of professional learning networks and these networks can help coaches grow as leaders and educators.

As a teacher, I utilize both online and in person professional learning networks. Our school allows weekly in person meetings for teachers who use the same curriculum or who teach the same students. These meetings allow us to discuss pacing, curriculum, and pedagogy. I also make extensive use of online professional learning networks through social media. Facebook teaching networks allow for groups in the several thousands (generalized teaching groups), to a few hundred (specific groups centering around a single curriculum and grade level, or specific type of teaching). Para social networks on Twitter and Tiktok allow for short conversations with educators and specialists for just-in-time training and problem solving, but not long-term community.