Partner with educators to evaluate the efficacy of digital learning content and tools to inform procurement decisions and adoption.

ISTE standards for coaches

Evaluating Digital Learning Tools

Purchasing technology can be a way schools improve their instructional practices, or it can be an expensive mistake. Coaches carefully evaluate tools within their educational institutions to avoid these mistakes. In a 2021 post, I examine how schools can effectively evaluate learning technology to ensure they support inclusionary practices. Technology coaches occupy a unique position regarding technology acquisition. They both rely on on trusted technology evaluators and district-wide guidelines, and they know the teachers in their school well. This allows them to better support decision-making regarding the purchase and implementation of technology for learning.

Multiple organizations have individual methods for evaluating learning technology to ensure that it is inclusive prior to use. Though presented differently, these methods share similar elements:

  • Clearly explained procedures
  • Addresses students’ specific learning, emotional and/or cultural needs
  • Efficacy supported by data
  • Standards aligned
  • Bonus: training and technical support provided