Support educators to interpret qualitative and quantitative data to inform their decisions and support individual student learning.

ISTE Standards for Coaches

Interpreting data to inform decisions

ISTE 4.6b focuses on interpreting data to inform decisions that support student learning. This is part of the ongoing work I do in my classroom and in research.

In March, 2022, I conducted a survey assessing a co-teach program our district had adopted five years previously to better understand how the program was developing and if there were elements of the program that teachers had found impactful enough to use even as the program itself faded. Though the survey was limited in size, it provided useful insights about the program’s specific effects in the classroom. I was surprised to learn that teachers who had attended the training used tools such as formative assessment to drive instruction, small group teaching, and collaboration between general education and special education teachers at a greater rate than their peers who did not. This use of data is helpful when we work with co-teachers on their classroom practices.