Facilitate equitable use of digital learning tools and content that meet the needs of each learner


Inclusion in Remote Learning

Provide multiple means of representation, action, and engagement.
This graphic from the blog post indicates one in-person best practice that transfers well to remote learning.

The post titled “Sorting Through the Noise to Reflect on Inclusion in Remote Learning” on October 12, 2020, examines the myriad of articles and papers about best practices in remote inclusion written during a time when many schools were using remote learning to identify the data on which the recommendations were based. In this post, it quickly becomes clear that the data supporting various best practices for digital inclusion is spotty or relatively sparse due to the fact that the movement to remote learning was recent and that remote learning was not the predominant medium for education prior to school closures which prevented the accumulation of long-term data regarding remote learning practices. In this post, I observe that data-driven best practices for in-person learning can be adapted to inclusion in distance learning. Additionally, the use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Open Education Resources (OER) can better support students equitably.

Ensuring Equitable Technology

Another way that I work to meet ISTE standard 4.1b is to ensure that my professional digital presence allows for equitable access to students and families. For example, to create my class website, I surveyed a sample of parents about what they would find useful on a classroom website, and how they access the Internet. The responses helped me craft a website that was accessible on a tablet, phone, or laptop. Additionally, it has the daily agenda embedded in the website along with our curriculum materials and contact information. Additionally, I learned that there were some items that are typically on class websites that parents were uninterested in having included on their ideal classroom website. I was able to use this information to streamline my website and make it more efficient for them to navigate.