Partner with educators to empower students to use learning data to set their own goals and measure their progress.

ISTE Standards for Coaches

Using Data to Set Goals and Measure Progress

Data from surveys and assessments help educators and students to set and revise goals, reflect on learning, and track progress.

While we frequently think of data as a tool for educators, it is also useful for students to participate in data gathering, reflection, and use. I wrote a post in May 2021 about using Formative instruction in the classroom using technology, a tool that helps students develop goals and work toward them.

In the classroom, our team teacher the students goal setting and how to use data to support reflection and re-evaluation of their goals. We teach students how to set good academic and behavioral goals and help them track them. Digital tools are important parts of that in the same way they are for other areas of learning. Digital and print worksheets in google slides allow students to brainstorm their goals, and google forms allow for easy tracking through digital check ins.

Digital and print worksheet I made. We use the SMART goal format to help students design their goals.
Digital and print worksheet I developed for teaching goal-setting