Personalize support for educators by planning and modeling the effective use of technology to improve student learning.

ISTE standards for coaches

Modeling Co-Teaching Adaptations

As teaching relies increasingly on technology and as more and more technology becomes available for schools, the importance of using technology effectively to improve students learning grows more important.

In November 2021, I examined how teachers can modify standard lessons for co-taught teaching environments. Technology provides an array of modification options that only exist when teachers utilize the technology well. The post serves as an online model of how teachers can modify lessons to improve learning for diverse learners.

In the post, I list several technology-dependent examples, including:

  • Posting questions on a Jamboard instead of a white board to allow absent students to participate and parents to better support students. The use of a digital brainstorming tool allows students who use accessibility functions to seamlessly access the class discussion notes.
  • Teacher notes or class models completed in projected google docs and posted on google classroom allow students to access a work sample that meets the standard in a way that lowers the barrier for students who require screen readers or who use translators.
  • Students use Vocaroo to record themselves reading rather than performing in front of the class.
  • Teachers provide differentiated assignments on google docs instead of manually differentiating, this allows teachers to make a master document and adapt and assign it digitally.

Modeling these digital practices for other educators allows me to test them and improve them quickly. It also helps educators to collaborate on materials to avoid using less effective practices.

Modeling Choice and Voice

In April 2022, I presented a mini-training for other staff in our building showing how I use tools in my middle school classroom to increase voice and choice for students. In this training, I provided educators with specific examples of tools I use in my classroom that make it a better environment for the students within it and increases their learning.

The slideshow I used for this training is below: