Empower educators, leaders and students to make informed decisions to protect their personal data and curate the digital profile they intend to reflect.


Empowering others to curate their digital presence

As education moves further into the digital sphere, the potential risks increase for educators and students regarding their digital footprint and personal data. Educators are both responsible for teaching students to make informed choices about their digital presence and to choose technology tools that protect student data. In May 2021, I wrote about evaluating these tools to ensure that they met digital safety standards.

The most common learning tools stack up differently when evaluated for digital safety.

There are several rubrics available for teachers and schools to evaluate tools to ensure that they protect student data and facilitate careful choice-making in users. Most of these rubrics include variations of the following criteria:

  • Users own their personal data/ideas
    • The tool does not sell user data
    • Users maintain copyright of their product
  • The tool supports learning communities
  • The tool holds users accountable for choices/actions
  • The tool encourages or requires higher order thinking
  • The tool uses technology to adapt learning (formative feedback, for example)

Technology coaches encourage and support educators as they strengthen their skills in decision making and personal data protection.